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Hitachi Inverter Products
Hitachi X200  Compact, full-featured new generation micro drive in contactor-style package.

Hitachi L100M  Compact size micro drive with high level functionality.

Hitachi L200  Compact full-featured micro drive with cutting-edge functions.

HItachi L300P  Compact VFD for fan and pump applications.

HItachi SJ200  New Intelligent Sensor-less Vector Control – No auto tuning required!

Hitachi SJ300  Sensor-less Vector Control with built-in communications.

Hitachi SJ700  Advanced Sensor-less Vector Control.

Hitachi Legacy Products  The products listed below are no longer manufactured or available for sale. For your convenience, Hitachi provides service and instruction manuals for some of these products.

HFC-VWA, HFC-VWE, HFC-VWS, HFC-VWS2, HFC-VWS3, J100, J300 (200 hp and below), SJ100